My portfolio

Hello everyone, in this section I will post the stocks in my portfolio. As I told in my introduction, the first stocks I bought were rather speculative. They aren’t really hold forever stocks and I plan to sell as soon they hit an acceptable price. The concerned stocks are Euronav and Peugeot.
Due to the failed merger of Allergan and Pfizer, I am still holding some Allergan stocks. As I don’t see a bad future for the company, I am planning to hold on to them a little longer. When the stock price goes up, they will be sold.

My portfolio as of 27th April 2017:

All prices are listed in Euro. As you can see, I don’t have much stocks in my portfolio yet. I try to buy when I think a stock is undervalued, so in general I don’t buy much but I buy in (at least for me) bigger numbers.

Whenever I have money available and see undervalued stocks, I buy. If you have tips or hints, feel free to post them! Everything is welcome 🙂