Review: 2017

Year ends are always a good moment to take a minute and look back how the past year has been. Not only on a financial basis, but on a happiness level as well. Last year has been characterized by lots of travelling, having some academic headwinds but overcoming them, buying a first apartment and enjoying life in general. I can conclude that despite some difficulties, I have been happy in 2017.


But now, how have the financial markets behaved towards me and was I able to meet my goals?

1. Invest €26,000 in the stock market. 

–> I’ve been able to pour €31,100 into the stock market. This is higher than foreseen and due to lower expenses.

2. At least €6,000 in an index tracker (i.e. S&P500 or All-World).

–> Not completed. However I would like to own more trackers, I do not feel comfortable paying the expensive valuations for the majority of stocks. I can’t really call this a failure because everything is circumstantial in investing.

3. Receive €2,250 in dividends.

–> I’ve received around €3,150 in dividends. This is a rather big difference due to exceptional capital distributions of Resilux and Symphony International. Adjusted dividends would have been €2,500 so still beating the estimation.


4. Reach a net worth of €125,000.

–> Crushed this goal. Mainly because of major subsidies and a parental gift. Leaving out the parental gift and checking the amount that I worked for (or found a way), the net worth would come in at €239,000. Excluding everything except money from my job, my net worth would come in at €129,000.


5. Read at least 5 books about management, economy, finances, stock market…

–> Got stuck at 3. I’ve enjoyed ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ most. Currently I’m still reading 2 other books but it’s taking ages. After studying and reading research papers a lot, I just don’t feel the need to read another hundred pages. I’m already glad that I’m giving reading a shot, knowing that it is not one of my favorite hobbies.

In hindsight, I have enjoyed a pretty good 2017 on both a financial and ‘living’ level.

How did your 2017 develop?

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