One shot, one opportunity!

I’m going to try to keep it short.

Stock prices are trading at high multiples, real estate is selling at expensive prices and bonds are not interesting at all. Precious metals are not that attractive for the longer term and cryptocurrency is just a bubble, right?

So, what to do with your money? To make it more interesting, what would you do when you were young again?

Imagine your somewhere in your mid-twenties and I’m giving you a budget of €250,000 that you are free to invest. To keep it simple, you don’t have to worry about a car, a house for your family or your future kids college money.

What investment paths would you take? 

The purpose of this post is to get to know different people’s opinion on what to do with saved up cash. In my opinion, it’s always interesting to read plans or possibilities. 


9 reacties op ‘One shot, one opportunity!

  1. financialfreedomsloth

    If they want dividends: 33% in GBL, 33% in ABI, both entered via long term puts with a high strike price (to ensure assignment but also to lower price final purchase price if received premium is taken into account) and remaining 33% in UVXY puts if the person has the knowledge and balls to do it. This should generate above 12.000 a year in cash and make the person semi-fired( as in only needing to work three months a year) If not, there is a ETF called MOAT which seems interesting to me…


  2. mattias

    take 25.000 – 50.000 € and do something wild, travel the world, find your “Why?”, invest in yourself (study abroad, master degree at top school). Your mid-twenties never come back. Put the rest in a dividend paying global stock fund/ETF.


  3. Meneer en Mevrouw

    I like the plan of Mattias, do something with your time, it’ll never come back!

    The rest I’d put in some ETF’s and some dividend paying stocks, however with current valuations I wouldn’t have the guts to do it in once and probably wait for a correction before entering.. I know, market timing, however some of the incredible high valuations dó scare me 😉


    • When Do You Retire?

      It’s very true time never comes back! Sometimes I have difficulties between choosing for a moment in the ‘now’ or investing the money for later. This can be simple stuff such as going to a restaurant for dinner.

      As you already mention, the valuations are high. I don’t buy ETF’s anymore at the moment, just picking individual stocks right now. However I would prefer to just plow some big money into a simple ETF.


  4. Mr2ndopinion

    I’d just invest in ETF’s. What’s high can get higher. There’s no reason to suspect that companies will go broke. If the stock price is high… so what…. more and more people are looking for sorta like safe rendement in stocks. 😉

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