Net Worth Update: Q2 ’17

A long overdue net worth update upcoming!

Let’s first feed you some numbers:

As you can see, my portfolio and other funds are listed. My net worth has been increasing considerably last year. See the graph below.


We see a whopping 40%! increase in net worth. I would sign for that percentage for all the upcoming years…

This means I’m well on my way to reach my Goals of 2017.

Concerning my Financial goals by age 25: I’m at 55,76% of my net worth goal of €250K.

How’s your NW developping?


12 reacties op ‘Net Worth Update: Q2 ’17

  1. financialfreedomsloth

    I am up 7% which is OKish. But EUR-USD exchange has evolved against me in a big way. It was 1,052 on 30/12/2016 and now it is 1,174. And I am almost fully in invested in USD …
    If the exchange rate had remained the same I would be up 19%. Sigh.


  2. ambertreeleaves

    Nice progress. I look forward to your 250K networth post when you are 25. Looks doable, given your numbers.

    I will use your blog/case to illustrate to my kids the power of an early start. In 11 years, the oldest is 18, you should be millionaire by then! keep it going, so that I have a nice story to tell them.


  3. When Do You Retire?

    It’s hard to keep track of this because every month my paycheck comes in and I buy some stocks. Dividends are reinvested.

    My net wage recently increased to €1,750/month so this gives enables calculating a bit concerning the stock appreciation part.


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