Lack of imagination

When I talk to people about the future, they tend to always be average. Most of them want to own a house, have a car and maybe an apartment at the Belgian coast for their old day. Don’t forget a decent pension after a career of 45 years. Then they see their life as succeeded.

Seriously? Is that what you would settle for for the rest of your life? I can’t imagine a life following the herd.


Think bigger, set goals and achieve them. Truth is, I don’t tell them my real vision on my future. They simply wouldn’t understand or would think I just don’t understand life.
One of the first things that pops into my mind is flying a helicopter or relaxing in Miami enjoying a cocktail. Celebrating New Year at the beach in Sydney or have Christmas in Lapland, home of Santa. Skydiving above the Palm Tree Islands in Dubai or walk on the Great Wall. Maybe work a couple of years in the USA or own a company? The options are endless.

Of course, this comes at a lofty price tag, but isn’t that why people become financially independent? To pursue dreams and lifegoals? This might all sound cocky and big talk but what’s the point in living an average life? It really irritates me how people don’t dream big or set high goals.

Aiming for the stars and landing on the moon isn’t that bad after all. Most people stay on the Earth.


Without big dreamers, no multinational companies would exist. No man would have put a foot on the Moon or flown a plane. No telephone or electric cars. The world needs people with huge dreams to innovate.

Do you sometimes get irritated by how little people dream?

7 reacties op ‘Lack of imagination

  1. financialfreedomsloth

    Quit a few people start out with lofty goals I think. And then the reality of day to day life sets in. Bills need to be paid so you get stuck at a boring job for 8 hours a day. Add in 2 hours of commuting and that is most of your day gone. Not to mention that after the work and commute you are pretty happy you can squeeze in some sport. Because there is work in the house and garden that needs to be done, grocery shopping … Add children to the mix and you are done. No more energy or time to devote to a project.

    For some, the passion burns so strongly they overcome those obstacles. Others resign to the fact that this is their life and indulge in some mindless spending or fancy vacations to escape the drudgeries of their day to day life. Others live frugally, invest wisely (although with a bit too much risk at some times 😉 and hope to get at least 20 years where they can do some fun projects without risking financial ruin.

    But yeah, most people have pretty average, normal ambitions. Me personally, I couldn’t even fake ‘normal’ if my life depended on it …

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  2. Anoniem


    You are right. I used to be like that. Aim for an easy goal so that you are never disappointed but always exceed your expectations. However, that is not how to be succesfull in any area. Aim high and accept to lose sometimes. In the end you are better off.

    How are your numbers, you haven’t updated the portfolio/net worth page for quite a while. Curious to see if you are on track with your 250k goal.

    An anonymous follower


    • When Do You Retire?


      Thanks for the feedback! I like to challenge myself, even if I don’t succeed. Failures don’t exist, you just found a way that didn’t work.

      A net worth update with numbers will be released very soon! I’m curious as well how things have evolved.



  3. themelondeal

    Great post! I share the exact same opinion.
    It can be quite astonishing when you encounter people who live a simple life, only dreaming of mediocrity. However, I realized we’re all different in many ways and that’s a good thing. Imagine if every single person on this planet would aim for financial freedom?
    That’s why I share my opinion and dreams with only a few. Even my FI plans.

    Ps: Maybe share your bucket list and inspire others!


    • When Do You Retire?

      I like the way how people are so different, but I don’t always understand how fundamentally different we can be. Extreme spending vs frugal living for instance. However, it makes us all unique and we need the big spenders to fund our companies growth ;).

      I might share my bucket list in the future, however it might not be that frugal at all, unfortunately :D. Some experiences tend to be rather pricey.

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