Dividend Report June-July ’17


Long time no see, my friends! Exams and 4 straight weeks of work obligations without a laptop decreased my time to investigate the financial markets and keep you updated.

Let’s get it over with and peek at the dividends.


National Grid: €202,22
Unilever: €26,55
RD Shell: €48,59
Imperial Brands: €15,36
WW Grainger: $5,33
Wal-Mart: $11,52
LyondellBasell: $32,76
IBM: $8,02
Johnson&Johnson: $6,00
Gilead Sciences: $20,11

= €292,72 + $83,74 = €365,54


HSBC Holdings: $43,89
Vanguard S&P500 ETF: $9,91
Altria Group: $5,44
Cisco Systems: $6,90
Walt Disney: $6,50

= $72,64 = €63,17

The used conversion was 1,15$/€.

June got a massive boost from a special dividend from National Grid. The energy company decided to sell off a division and distribute a part of the earnings to their shareholders. This is a non-recurrent dividend and therefore not to be expected next year. The adjusted dividends for June come in at €163,32.

July was a rather poor month, bringing in only $72,64. However as I was literally ‘off the grid’ due to work, it was truly work-free capital joining my account.

By the way, I just exceeded 2016 dividend income with my 2017 dividends YTD.
Total YTD dividend income stands at €1477,5.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-01 om 22.17.33.png

Hope you have a nice summer so far!

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