Dividend Report May ’17

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With a little delay, May’s dividend income report! A great part of European companies pays their annual dividend in May, so let’s look at the numbers!

British American Tobacco: €29,24
Bayer AG: €32,00
AB Inbev: €42,00
Sofina SA: €32,26
Solvay: €107,35
BASF SE: €38,65
Peugeot: €23,52
Intervest Offices & Warehouses: €77,42
Ageas: €147,00
Euronav: €27,46
Verizon Communications: $13,75

Total dividend: €569,40

This is by far my highest passive income ever! I was hoping to reach the €500 mark for once and my stocks didn’t let me down!

May is one of my favorite months as next to my regular paycheck, my holiday money comes in. This is a very nice boost for my net worth.

€1,732 (paycheck) + €1,385 (holiday money) + €569 (dividends) = €3,686 of free cash flow.

However I went on a citytrip to Copenhague and had a very nice time, I still managed to re-invest around 95% of my free cash flow.


Did you enjoy May?

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