March Income

Finally got the paycheck raise! I was already promoted in Q3 2016 but had to wait untill this month to see it on my bank account. I got a €151 raise so my job income stands around €1,732 right now. Thanks to the retributions of the past months and promotion bonus, job income in march stand at €3,764.


Side hustlin’ income:


Now let’s look at the dividend numbers:

Novartis AG: €58,34
Unilever PLC: €24,37
Novo Nordisk A/S B: €18,87
RD Shell B: €51,42
Imperial Brands PLC: €32,81

IBM: $7,50
Allergan: $2,94
Gilead Sciences: $15,47

= €210,09 dividends

Trade Income:

Veolia Environment, sold. Profit: €244,42

I didn’t plan to sell Veolia, as this was an experiment in the fiscal benefits of turbo’s. However, markets were turning a bit the wrong way for my put option in General Mills. I needed to secure some cash in case the option was exercised. I had expected my bonus to arrive in February but it didn’t so I had to secure my cash position temporarily (2 weeks). Too bad for the experiment, but the position managed to make a 15% profit in 1 month. Can’t complain.

March income: €4523,51

Best monthly income ever. In normal circumstances, it would take me a little over 2 months to earn this amount of cash.


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    • When Do You Retire?

      I’m not an active options trader, but I do have some options in my portfolio. In general I mostly sell them. I know the potential loss is unlimited but the chances are very unlikely. I don’t sell them on stocks with high risk. I target stocks such as JNJ, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Unilever, General Mills… I do check the annual reports to be more sure. The chances those companies are still ‘alive’ in a couple of months are extremely, extremely high. My goal is to rack in a nice premium or buy stocks at a lower price.


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