Dividend + Net Worth Update


Let’s have a look at what the beginning of 2017 brought me in dividends.


– National Grid: €36.48
– Solvay: €66.53
– Wal-Mart: $11.30
– Altria Group: $5.45
– Walt Disney: $6.50


– Verizon Communications: $13.74

This adds up to a total of €137.90 (used conversion rate: 1,06 USD = 1 Euro) for January & February.
It’s not bad, although February was a pretty poor month dividend-wise. January exceeded the €100-mark by a distance, which is nice to see.

Small bonus: the government paid me an extra €112 above my normal wage for a 2-week manoeuvres abroad, to cover the small expenses. I barely had any, so just nod and smile. Of course this will integrally go towards the portfolio.

I regret not buying more Altria Group & Disney when I took positions. Both positions are rather small compared to the other stocks in my portfolio, yet I have high expectations of them for the future.


Now, let’s take a look at the net worth.

  • Stocks & Investment Cash: €89,000
  • Bonds: €8,200
  • Pension funds (stocks+bonds): €4,700
  • Mortgage Insurance: €3,000
  • Cash savings @ bank : €800
  • Piggy bank (cash from parents untill I turn 24): €22,000

–> Total net worth: €127,700

Excluding the piggy bank (which is not available yet, but on my name), my net worth stands at €105,700. This means I’m well on my way to reach my 2017 goal of amassing €125,000.

The last months have been very profitable on the stock market, which boosted the portfolio value.

Note: I didn’t add the value of my car, laptop, phone or any other valuable liabilities. It doesn’t seem interesting to me, because they are not assets. Honestly I don’t give a damn if someone would pay €6,000 or €8,000 for my car, as I’m not selling it.

I expect March to be a very profitable month, as I have been waiting for a payrise and retributions on the difference (even maybe a small promotion bonus, not sure about that one). I will probably pay my August holiday with the retributions, this way the investment ratio stays about the same.

How is your net worth evolving?

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