Dividend Income November + Last Buy

Hi folks,

Let’s take a look at the dividends November brought me:



No luck this month. Just as the August month, no dividends were received. Months with no dividend income aren’t fun, but it doesn’t really matter if the total year dividend stays on track. I’m not dependant on my passive income / month so time is at my side. Next year the ‘no-dividend-month’ problem should be solved by the way, as some of my recent buys will provide me with dividends in those months.

Recent acquisition:

In my last post Pedal To The Metal, I mentioned that I took a first position in Belgian-based brewer AB Inbev, consisting of 18 stocks.
Last week, I bought another 12 stocks of the beverages behemoth for a total sum of €1.163. This brings my total position in the company on 30 shares and it adds a modest net €30,24 to my annual dividend income.

Concerning the fair value of the company, I would estimate it around €110-115 on current earnings and reports. So, as long as it trades under the €100 mark /share, I consider it a decent buy. I’m buying in smaller chunks at the moment to make sure if the price would drop more, I’m able to buy bigger. I really like the AB Inbev company, but I don’t own that much shares (yet). I’m also very happy 3G Capital is supporting the SAB Miller – AB Inbev deal to make sure the costs of a combined company are cut and synergies are maximized.


Furthermore, I’m looking forward to the effect of the Fed’s intrest rate decision on Wednesday for which I’ll try to get my cash position a bit higher so I can comfortably buy some more shares in case of a dip.

How about your dividends and recent buys?

2 reacties op ‘Dividend Income November + Last Buy

  1. financialfreedomsloth

    I too was hoping for a bit of a drop in share prices after Trump was elected. And then we got a rally with a lot of stocks going too damn high! It has been a banner year profit wise for me (my holdings increased around 66.000 Eur in the last year – I am still working why?) which leaves me in a pickle in what to invest in next year. But AB inbev below 100 euro is not a bad deal. I’ll do some calculations in January …

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