Dividend income Sep-Oct + New buys

Hello folks,

A quick update on how the dividend has been hitting my bank account the last 2 months and which buys I have made.

First, let’s take a look at what fruits September and October bared us:

Royal Dutch Shell: €49,51
HSBC: €40,59
Euronav: €35,77
Vanguard S&P500 ETF: €9,24
Melexis: €56,94
Wal-Mart: €11,79
IBM: €7,82
Gilead Sciences: €14,58

Total Dividend Income September + October: €226,24


In overall I’m pretty happy with my dividend income the past 2 months. We can notice big checks from RD Shell, banking company HSBC and Belgian-based Melexis (sensors for cars).
These 2 months surely compensated for the no-dividend August month. In the end, it’s the total dividend per year that counts. After making the sum of all months YTD, I received a dividend total of €915,84. Almost at the €1000 dividend mark in my first full year of investing. Yippee-ki-yay!


So far for the dividend income. Which stocks did I buy last month?

First, I decided to take advantage of the recent dip of Novartis to add another 10 shares to my position, raising to a total of 50 shares. It cost me a little under €700. The small amount is due to the fact that I start having a rather big position in Novartis. I also changed my ADR’s into the real Swiss stocks as it turned out there was no benefit of holding the American for a smaller tax on the dividend. These extra 10 shares add €12,81 to my annual dividend income. Not much, but it stills yields around 1,85% net which is not bad for a Swiss stock.

Secondly, I bought 60 shares of the well-known Unilever PLC for a total of €2324. Unilever’s stock price is experiencing some headwinds which are a perfect opportunity for me to start building a position. The shares will yield around 2,40% net. This buy raises my next year’s dividend by a solid €53,76. If the shares would decline further, I would buy again.


In total I invested around €3000 in the stock market since half September with a total dividend increase of €66,57.

I decided to transfer some money from my savings towards my investment account, which made it possible to invest a bit more. It considers €9000 in total which I will be investing the next months, spread in time. The reason I transferred savings goes back to the financial meeting some weeks ago. While I was talking to other people, one guy pointed out that I still have too much cash in the bank. I gave it some thought and I think he was right. By the time I might think about needing some money, it still takes 2-3 years so in the meantime it can work nicely for me and give me capital increases.

For now, I still have €5000 in cash begging me to invest. Next months I will build or strengthen positions. It turned out Apple didn’t go down since my last post, so I will remain patient untill it becomes a bit cheaper again. Currently I have my eye on Nestlé, AT&T, Verizon and IBM. I intend to take positions in them in the long haul. With my new paycheck strolling in, I hope to raise the cash position to €6250. This surely gives me some buying power.


To conclude, I’m happy with the recent dividend checks and I hope my recent acquisitions turn out into a long-term value play with ever raising dividends :D.

What about your recent buys?

9 reacties op ‘Dividend income Sep-Oct + New buys

  1. financialfreedomsloth

    Glad to read you set some more cash to work!
    But I am even more glad with : ‘I gave it some thought’. that might be one of the most important things in investing. Always do your own thinking, do the homework yourself! Even if the advise comes from a truly brilliant but very lazy sloth 😉


  2. Stalflare

    Ciao WDyR,
    Lovely purchase of UL there! Glad to have you as a fellow shareholder. 🙂 Solid company, very defensive, one of the best out there for investors like us. I cannot see your portfolio well enough unfortuantely (it seems that the picture in the PF page doesn’t enlarge), but there are some names that I have never heard, and would love to research some more on them… Numbers look pretty good and good is also the fact that you are moving stocks to be more tax efficient, to us European investors that is a major need I am afraid…
    ciao caio


    • When Do You Retire?

      Thank you Stal! If UL keeps dropping in share price, I’m just gonna buy more.

      Concerning the portfolio display: I have been messing around with spreadsheets but haven’t had any success so far on implementing the live stock quotes unfortunately. Gonna explore some more and try to take care of it.

      Indeed, tax efficiency is very important to us as European investors. It really sucks dividends are so heavily taxed out here.

      Geliked door 1 persoon

  3. Fred

    I just discovered your blog. Keep up the good work! You’ve got time going for you, and that is a real asset! Time not timing is the game. After 1,5 years I decided to blog about my experiences as well, in Dutch. I will document all my buys, sells, dividend income, savings rate etcetera. Feel free to check it out.


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