Dividend Report YTD2016

Hello fellow dividend investors,

Let’s take a look at the dividend income I received since January 1st 2016. Some pretty important information: I only started investing in August 2015, so don’t expect massive dividend income numbers (yet).


Looking at the graph, we notice 2 things: February and August don’t bring in dividends. Although I like seeing dividends hitting my bank account, I’m not gonna buy stocks only because they would pay me in February or August.
On the other hand, May is like Christmas for me. Netting me around €375, it really is a motivating month to keep on investing. The rest of the months are all quite similar, bringing in around €70 each.

Solvay: €51,63
Wal-Mart: €11,56

February: /

Royal Dutch Shell: €50,29
IBM: €7,25
Gilead Sciences: €4,00

Vanguard S&P500 ETF: €9,27
Melexis: €26,28
Wal-Mart: €11,79
Novartis Inc.: €23,22

BASF: €38,97
Ageas SA: €54,20
Sofina SA: €32,22
Solvay: €101,97
Euronav: €52,75
Intervest Offices & Warehouses: €93,62

Vanguard S&P500 ETF: €7,99
Royal Dutch Shell: €47,38
Wal-Mart: €11,78
IBM: €7,82
Gilead Sciences: €4,37

HSBC: €41,24

August: /

Total dividend income YTD: €689,60


For as far as I see my passive income so far, I can’t complain. I set the personal goal to receive €1,000 in dividends the first full year of dividend investing. I don’t know if I’m gonna hit that goal, time shall tell me. I think there’s a chance I can make it.

During the year, buying new stocks, I created extra income that will come in next year. Most European stocks only pay dividend once a year so I missed a couple of them. According to my calculations, I should be able to get €1,275 in dividend income next year if I would stop investing now. Of course I will keep on buying stocks to the amount will keep going up :).

How is your dividend income going so far?

6 reacties op ‘Dividend Report YTD2016

  1. DivHut

    Solid dividend results for 2016 no matter how you look at it. You have many great companies paying you and as long as you keep putting your paycheck towards these types of investments you’ll be making your money continue to work for you indefinitely. I have GILD on my watch list for a while along with AMGN. Nice to see it in other portfolios. Thanks for sharing.


    • When Do You Retire?

      Thanks! Personally I think GILD is seriously undervalued. Yes they have some issues due to decreasing profits, but it’s only a couple of percentages. Knowing how their profits skyrocketed the last years, a small fall back is inevitable. They have plenty of cash available, are buying shares back at attractive levels and wait patiently to do acquisitions.

      AMGN is an intresting company as well, but I should look further into it before buying a position.


  2. weenie

    That dividend income is looking very good, especially as you have just started and as you are continuing to buy stocks, you know that the numbers are only going to go up! Also, you can now start doing year on year comparisons!

    Without planning to, I have been fortunate to have stocks/equities which pay out every month – some months are obviously a lot better than others but as said above, it doesn’t matter what month you get them, as long as you get them.

    Good luck with your €1,000 goal!

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