2016 Goals

Hi everyone

As 2016 has been on for like 13 days and I didn’t find the time to put some goals for myself, I’ll be doing this now.

Now, what are the objectives?

– First of all, I would like to invest a fresh €20,000 in the stock market to improve my dividend income and work my net worth towards €50,000. Knowing that my monthly paycheck brings in €1,502, this will be a huge challenge. In an upcoming post I will specify my savings rate and how I want to reach this target. But I can already tell you that – normally – my paycheck will be risen to at least €1,600 in the month october as I will be promoted then.


–  Another major goal is to put at least €10,000 out of the €20,000 in ‘iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF – Acc’ (CSPX). I have the tendency to buy too much individual stocks and I feel like I should have some more security in my portfolio by holding an index tracker. This index tracker adds the dividends to the shareprice so this way I don’t have to pay taxes on the dividends (extra 0,5% yield, yippie-ka-yay). For me this ETF is a very important one in diversifaction and easy handling. This requires very little maintenance and in the long term it will always go up. I have read a lot of books and The Intelligent Investor really persuaded me to go for the S&P 500 tracker. I’m deeply convinced there aren’t much better buys. If you would like to know why, I strongly recommend to read the book. Very good one.

–  My third goal is to clean my portfolio some more. Although this goal doesn’t really depend on myself, I consider it as a necessary one in my journey. As I already told in the ‘My Portfolio’ section, I started my investing career speculating. This means I ended up with 2 stocks that don’t fit me anymore, being Euronav and Peugeot. Another one that I plan on selling as soon as the price hits acceptable, is ASML. I want to work towards more solitude in my portfolio. If all these stocks could be sold at their initial entry price, this would give me €4,300 of cash. Certainly the latest weeks I found out how important it is to have some spare cash in case the market is depressed. Instead of only buying new stocks at a fair price, I prefer to strenghten some positions of solid stocks in my portfolio as well. I don’t like to buy into new positions when old ones are in red. I think this is the Buffett coming up in myself, “if they go down just buy more”.

– The fourth goal that has been set: receive at least €1,000 in dividends (cash and stocks). I’m currently on €650 if every dividend remains the same as in 2015. For the year 2015, I only received €78 (I started late buying dividend stocks so most payouts already happened). This would be a rise of almost 1,200%!


– Last but not least, a personal health objective. I managed to practice quite a lot of sports in 2015 despite my busy working scheme. I would like to maintain the same physical level.

So far my goals for 2016, now what about yours?



4 reacties op ‘2016 Goals

  1. The Zeelander

    Wow, it would be incredible if you manage to achieve that savings rate! S&P 500 ETF is a very good one. You could also look into the MSCI World and Euro STOXX 50 ones (all core series from iShares) for some diversification. All have low TER’s and reinvest the dividends.

    Good luck!


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