When I break the chains…

What exactly are my financial and personal goals?

I would like to be financially independent somewhere in my early 30’s. This seems pretty early to retire, but I rather have enough ‘fuck you’ money to make my decisions out of opportunity instead of necessity. One of my dreams was to become a fighter jet pilot, but my eyes didn’t score 20/20. As an alternative, I would like to obtain a pilot license and fly my own helicopter. I once flew in a helicopter as a child and the feeling of freedom was indescribable. One day I want to fly with my wife and kids above our little country Belgium on a sunday afternoon.


Ps: this is not Belgium, unfortunately. (Hawaii)

Another thing on the bucket list is to travel around the world. When I say travel the world, I really mean TRAVEL the world. Visit every little pittoresk village or city, see the true nature and stuff. Gathering knowledge and life experience about and in other cultures. If I wake up and think I would like to visit Germany today, I want to be able to do it.  I really have the need to see the world. Last year I went on a 10-day trip to New York City and it was the best holiday I ever had…by far. Although it was quite an expensive trip (around 2000 euro), it was definitely worth the money. So when I’m financially free, I’m planning to do a lot more of holidays, also the lesser known countries and areas. In my working space at home, I have a giant world map as “table protection”. When I’m distracted from my studies (believe me this happens a lot) I just start looking at the world map. Sometimes I used to close my eyes and just point to a random country, thinking if I only were able to go there right now…. Well one day I know I will be able to do this. That’s one of the major reasons I invest.


Macchu Picchu, an awesome piece of history.

So now, the last important reason why I invest. It’s been 2 years since I really started to feel how important family is. That’s why I want to provide, to make sure we have a bright future and no financial worries. I want to teach my kids the importance of saving & investing, unlike me who was only told to save (investing was too risky). After all it didn’t do much harm, because the first 15 years of my life the intrest rates were at an acceptable level. Although I missed on some major opportunities, at my current age of 20 years, I hope to have at least 60 years left. I want my stocks and holdings to pass to my children so we can create a family fortune where everyone can chase his dreams without financial constraints. I simply love animals and since they sometimes lead miserable lives due to bad owners, I want to make donations to animal rescue groups as well.


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