My Portfolio & Net Worth

Hello everyone, in this section I will communicate about my stock holdings and net worth.

My portfolio as of 8th August 2017:

All prices are listed in Euro. As you can see, I’m still building my portfolio. I try to buy when I think a stock is undervalued, so in general I don’t buy much but I buy in (at least for me) bigger numbers.


Whenever I have money available and see undervalued stocks, I buy. If you have tips or hints, feel free to post them! Everything is welcome 🙂


7 reacties op ‘My Portfolio & Net Worth’

  1. weenie

    Hi there
    For a 20 year old, that is not a small portfolio! Many people (even those a lot older) do not have any portfolios whatsoever because they haven’t saved anything for their futures.

    It is very impressive that you have decided to take control of your finances at such a young age, when compounding (and dividend investing) over the next 20 or so years will really help!

    I hope you find lots of undervalued stocks this year to build up your portfolio.

    Good luck with your FI journey!


  2. DivHut

    I’m familiar with many names in your portfolio but not all of course. Can’t really comment about the names I do not know about but the others look like solid stocks with reliable dividends and that’s really what you want to invest in for the long haul. A company that offers growing dividends rather than simply chasing high current yield. Thanks for sharing and look forward to following you on your dividend growth journey.


    • When Do You Retire?

      Hi DivHut

      First of all, thanks for checking out my blog! The stocks that are lesser known are probably the Belgian stocks. Some of them are paying a nice growing dividend the last couple of years and Belgian stocks have the benefit for me to be taxed only once. Personally I prefer US stocks, but this is a little bit more tricky. Although I’m planning to go for the long-term, I’m feeling like I’m buying an expensive dollar and second I’m 15% more taxed. This is the main reason why I keep some Belgian stocks as well.


  3. Hans

    I am prettry impressed by your portfolio and net worth!

    No Aegon stocks? P/E and dividend are pretty good. Stock is trading at low price now.

    Greetings from a 22 year old Dutch guy.


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