Who Am I?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy sniffling around.

I am a 20  21-year old guy who studies in Brussels, Belgium. I can realise you guys are thinking: how and with which money do you invest? My studies implicate two things: I am a ‘still’ student but I receive a salary as I’m military as well. This is a great benefit and I want to optimize this opportunity. I enjoy practicing sports and I try to live healthy and cut my expenses so I would be able to invest for a bright future.

The reason I chose ‘whendoyouretire’ is because it is one of the hot news topics in my country.  The retirement age is being pulled up towards age 67 for some professions. As a military officer I would be able to retire at age 56 63. I started working/studying at age 18 so this means 38 45 years until retirement. Unfortunately I think the 56 won’t last much longer and will be risen as well. Update: retirement age of 56 indeed didn’t last, we’re facing 63 now.

As I hear nothing but complaints about the rising age of retirement, I wonder when people would retire if they had no financial chains. I don’t know the answer myself, as I like my (future) job in the Army once I graduate and maybe I have a (great) career ahead that makes me want to stay all my life and much longer.

Last June I went to the bank to discuss some money investment plans. I took a look at some of their funds and didn’t want to sign up for even one. Do I seriously have to pay an entry fee of 2% and yearly management fees of 1%+? Ain’t gonna happen. At the current savings rate intrest of 0.4% my money ain’t doing shit in the bank, I can’t even beat inflation. That was the point where I drew the line.

I’m gonna be an investor, I said to myself. I opened a brokerage account and deposited some money on it. Soon I bought some shares but more on a speculative basis. I wanted quick gains, but it turned out to be rather quick losses. Something had to change, and I decided to gather more knowledge. I read ‘The Intelligent Investor’ from Benjamin Graham, and 12-15 other books. I still don’t know everything, but at least I know the basic principles of how to value a business. I decided to combine Graham’s strategy with a compounding dividend strategy. I also try to follow Buffett’s major principles. Who wouldn’t want to be sitting in that chair?


The following months and hopefully years I will be building my own portfolio trying to obtain financial independence. I will update this blog once in a while so you guys know what I’m doing in the meantime. Feel free to visit my blog and leave a comment. I really appreciate exchanging ideas!